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n00b over huuur!

Hey! I'm new here but not new to The Office! :)

Can someone fill me in for the opening scenes before the title song?

Great episode as usual! I nearly died when Michael exposed the secret! O...M....F....G! HDSFUJDSF! My brother and I both had our mouths gaping open from the shock! Michael exposing the secret to Pam in greater detail was also a shocker to me! Couldn't believe it, you know?
Michael's hair to match Jim's? CLASSIC!
Dwight and Oscar and Glen, damn that was sooooo funny! Oscar holding hands with Glen behind Dwight was a really good seen.
The tension between Angela and Dwight and Kevin just observing it was amazing.
And I missed part of the Hooters seen, someone fill me in on that. I missed everything before the singing :(

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