Ally (dishyfishy) wrote in theoffice_us,


Preview just aired!

Dwight's looking down into the wearhouse, and then gives the camera one of his 'I'm up to something' looks and says, "Remember on Lost? When they met the others?"

The announcer said a 'young love faces a tough choice'. They showed what looked like Pam crying in a 'talking head' shot (I SWEAR it's old, but can't remember when she cried...) and a sad shot of Jim from 'The Carpet'.

Finally, Michael in the wearhouse, driving the forklift, as Darryl and Roy are urging him to get off. He says he's fine, hits one of those taaaaall shelf thingies and the WHOLE thing comes crashing down.

Oh, Michael...


The announcer says the women take over. All the girls (with Jan) are in the conference room, and Dwight look in and says something along the lines of, "Those girls stay in there too long, they're all going to be on the same cycle. It will reek havoc on our plumbing." Jim gives the camera a look.

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