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Episode 9.21 - Livin' The Dream - Discussion

The Office
Season 9, Episode 21 Official Discussion Post

This post is for those that will be watching/have watched episode 19 of season 9. If you live anywhere but where the episode is currently airing, or you won't be able to watch the episode until later, please don’t open this thread or your experience will likely be spoiled.

Please DO NOT talk about this episode in any other thread than this one or you risk being banned from this community. Also, please ONLY discuss tonight's episode in this thread, do not discuss any upcoming episodes.

If people get out of hand or are rude, or talk about the episode in a post other than this one, please email us at officemods@gmail.com with a direct link so that I can deal with the commentators. Thanks! Enjoy the episode.
Tags: episode discussion
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