January 6th, 2006

i'm about to get random here -

BFD is the new TMI.

"I would save the receptionist. I just wanted to clear that up." My god, I wanted to cry. That was the greatest line ever!

Meredith topless with the life preserver! Kevin with the speedo and condoms! Michael trying to centipede!

"Captain Jack is a fart face...bleeeehhh(vomiting)!"
"It's a fake wheel, dummy!"

Oh the random crazy funny shit! Definately one of my favorite episodes.

Who could forget:
Katy - "Do you think that'll ever be us?"
Jim - "No."
Katy - "What the hell is wrong with you? Why did you even bring me here?"
Jim - "I don't know. Let's break up."
Katy - "Wait. What?"

pants party invitation

ITunes Episodes

Sorry for my first post on here to be so lame, but does anyone know how long it takes for an episode to appear on ITunes after having aired on television?

I think I really need to make an icon out of Michael's dancing from Booze Cruise, and the ITunes episode will help a lot. ;)


From Zap2it.com

A new "CSI," 16.8/25, moved CBS into the lead at 9 p.m. The second hour of "Dancing with the Stars" ticked up to 11.6/17. NBC stayed in third with "Earl," 7.0/10, and "The Office," 5.5/8 -- "Earl" was down some from its season average, "The Office" up a bit. FOX's movie concluded with a 3.2/5. The WB aired a "Beauty and the Geek" repeat, while UPN went with "Eve" and "Cuts."

I'm glad we didn't lose any viewers. I was slightly worried about being up against CSI.

More US/UK comparisons...

So we all like to compare the British and the US versions. Here's one to ponder over. Who's the better "dancer"...and if you've seen "Booze Cruise" and the "Comic Relief"(BBC) episode you know why dancer is in quotations lol. Michael Scott or David Brent?
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Last nights episode was very funny and sad all at the same time. I loved Captain Jack!

Some of the parts really caught me off gard. But hey thats the office for you.

Hope every one else enjoyed it as much as I did.

Does any one know when the next episode is, because they didn't show any previews... or at least i didn't see any, and if thats the case will someone please tell me what happened in them. Thanks.
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Did anyone else catch Katie calling Pam, Kim when she was asking if she was a cheerleader? What was up with that did she forget her name?
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