January 16th, 2006

OFFICE Lampshade

Golden Globes?

Any word? Did Steve win? I missed it. :(

EDIT: Oops. It hasn't happened. Stupid moment. (Dwight... put your hand down.)
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Sawyer, Kate

Can anyone help?

Hi everyone! Huge fan of The Office... was just approved by TheFanlistings.org to make a fanlisting for The Booze Cruise episode (and awaiting approval on The Injury episode) so I was wondering if anyone had any screencaps or pics they could donate to the fanlisting cause.. lol.. I haven't had much luck finding any from those two episodes... any help would be great, thanks!! :)
OFFICE Lampshade


I can't find the link to the www.givememyremote.com interview with Jenna and John. Anyone got a link? Much appreciation to whoever complies.

Ooh! A pencil cup!
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