January 18th, 2006


British jokes

I always thought if a US translation of a popular british show would hit it big in the states it would have to find it's own identity. The problem, well one of the many, with Coupling was they just did the original scripts over again with American actors. For a while there...The Office was the same. The pilot episode was almost an exact copy of the BBC first ep. The episodes got more original but still used a few jokes from the british series. But now that the show is just getting way better (maybe even better than the original) has anyone noticed them using BBC jokes/gags lately? I haven't noticed a single one in the past couple eps.
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So, it's been a long time! ;) Sorry I've been so busy with midterms that I've been unable to comment on any of your comments/questions! I finally got some time today to fill some requests and make some icons. So, without further adieu...

[16] The Office Icons (including Golden Globes photos, due to the fact that you guys must be bored with my same old icons everytime I update! Than again, the Golden Globe ones are horrible, but whatever.)



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Still taking requests!

NOTE: I still have one more request I have yet to fill simply because it is from the most recent episode and i've yet to download it yet. If you do wish to request an icon from that episode please understand it may be a few days before I end up downloading the episode.

have a great day, guys!