January 22nd, 2006

wf. vessels of a donor look


hooray for a third season!

but apparently, the show's going to go off the air at the end of march - did anyone else hear about this? steve has to go film a movie, which is the reason for the early finish for this season. i saw it in this article.

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tgw; tell me is this all it's gonna be

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There are some pictures of John, Jenna, Steve, Rainn, and B.J. (as well as Greg Daniels and executive producer Ben Silverman) at today's TCA Tour here. It seems as if more photos are still being added, so be sure to check back later - I'm hopeful that there will be a few more up by the end of the night.

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First of all, WOOO for the third season! I'm so happy! :D

Does anyone know where I can find some pictures of the cast from the Golden Globes, aside from the ones posted in Jenna's myspace? I've been on an icon-making spree, and Office pics are so much harder to come by than other things.

And, on a more random note, these lyrics totally remind me of Jim. "Mr. Curiosity" by Jason Mraz.
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Part of it is the way Jason sings (gahh I do love that guy and his voice), all melancholy and everything. It is just so Jim. If I ever do some kind of Jim/Pam mix (which I really want to), this song will definitely be on it, xD.