January 27th, 2006

elephant ears


QUESTION: did they ever say what exactly was in the package?
and QUESTION: where did the mullet come in???

FACT: i am so sick and i set up the tv to tape last night's episode and put three post-its on the tv telling my brother to watch tv on the OTHER SET. so i watched the tape this morning and right after the like, cleaning lady came in my brother must have changed the channel...then after 3 minutes realized there were post it notes and then switched it back, just as michael was talking about packer doing all the girls in the office.

Give Me My Remote

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Can someone tell me how to make an avatar/icon from a video? I have a great Jam one I'd like to do, but I don't know how. Actually, just to clarify, I was hoping to make an animated icon from a video.

Jim's call to "Brenda"

Anyone noticed how...strange (for lack of a better word) Jim's message to "Brenda" was? I mean, we know at the end of the show that Jim and Pam leave each other voice mails, Pam was doing it to look busy in front of Michael. When we see Jim was leaving a message, you can tell he was trying to ignore Kelly and to give Kelly that vibe that he doesn't like Pam. So anyways, my train of thought is that Jim was leaving Pam a message and it was all secretive to make it seem like he was busy, but at the same time if you listen to what he says its sort of like he's talking to Pam directly.

Your thoughts?
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I've created an icontest community for the American version of The Office and I'd love it if any of you would want to join it. the_dundies.
I'm also looking for a co-mod and a banner maker if anyone dares take up one (or both if you are brave enough!) of the posts.
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