February 4th, 2006

Peyton smiling

more avatars from the office

I made some more avatars.I realize that there is a typo in the second one.My keyboard doesn't really like me all that much and it says, "Tod Packer" and of course you guys know that it should be "Todd Packer." Photoshop doesn't really like me all that either because it wouldn't like me change it.Oh well.Enjoy.

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song question

I have a question about Boys & Girls. What was the song playing in the warehouse when they first went down the stairs? I need to add it to my iTunes iMix.

Also, I don't make icons but I very much admire the ones posted here...I thought I could make a suggestion. How about one of Darryl and the packaging peanuts being sprinkled down on him that says, "Happy New Year, Darryl!"? It's gotta be a shot of that depressing face, you know?

Much love.