February 16th, 2006

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this may be kind of spammy, but whatever, i only just now got turned onto ytmnd.com, and in addition to finding hilarious star trek YTMNDs, i found a couple office ones, including:
dwight schrute: stalker
the best office ever(questionable)
the office throwdown(best use of that particular beck song, i think)
you're a cock(positively my favorite moment of the UK series, ps NSFW if your work has something against the word "cock")


p.s. i can't remember who made this icon, so if you did, let me know so i can credit you. i'm bad at remembering that.
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Favorite Quotes

Hi all!

I'm making "The Office" text icons for every episode aired thus far, and I'm using Office Tally to find most of the quotes, but there are some episodes missing and there still aren't as many quotes as I'd like.

So I'm asking everyone to reply to this post with their FAVORITE "Office" quotes for EVERY EPISODE. And I ask that you please say which episode it's from so that I can easily organize the final icons.


Thanks to autumn_c! I didn't know about that website...I feel so out of the loop. So scratch this post now. Thanks, though.
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Rainn Wilson & Joely Richardson Aboard "Mimzy"

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
February 17, 2006

Rainn Wilson and Joely Richardson have been cast in "Mimzy," a family feature that New Line Cinema co-CEO Bob Shaye is directing for the studio.

The Hollywood Reporter says "Mimzy" tells the story of two siblings who, after discovering a box of toys sent from the future, begin developing some remarkable talents -- terrifying and wonderful. As their parents and teacher notice the kids' changed behavior, they all find themselves drawn into a unique world.

Wilson will play a science teacher, and Richardson is the siblings' mom. Filming is expected to start late March in Vancouver.