March 2nd, 2006



Oh man. Is anyone here so desperate for a new episode of "The Office" that they DREAMT that they watched a new episode? Cuz I just did that. I don't remember what the episode was about in my dream, but I just remember waking up and thinking, "Okay, I have a problem." :P

You lucky, lucky Canadians. Til tonight!
mst3k: loves fatal contraption

Ooh, looky!

Hey, all you Pittsburgh Office fans! The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had a great article yesterday in their Magazine section on the show, including an extraordinary tidbit: John Krasinski's grandma lives in Natrona Heights. It's right next to the school where I work, so I may have to "swing past" the house. Maybe someday we'll get lucky and he'll visit! Everybody loves Grandma! ;)