March 5th, 2006


So, Jenna Fischer answered my question LIVE!

As many of you know from Jenna's MySpace blog, the cast and crew of SLITHER were in Chicago this weekend promoting their movie at Fangoria. They were all really entertaining in their panel discussion and I wanted to ask Jenna a question (since that was the only reason I WENT!), but I didn't know what. Plus, I knew it wouldn't be anything about the new movie. But then other people were asking questions unrelated to the movie (So, Elizabeth, how is shooting for 'Spider-Man 3' going?) I still hesitated, until this kid asked a really dumb question that made no sense to anyone, including Nathan Fillion (who he asked). So I raised my hand and they picked ME!

ME: Hi! Jenna... LOVE "The Office".
JENNA: Thank you.
ME: (stumble for words) So, with the show picking up steam, are you kinda finding all this new fame overwhelming?
JENNA: Yes, actually, I was going into a music store with some friends the other day and I saw a poster ad for a video iPod with my picture on it and I told my friends, "Okay, we have to get out of here now. I am not standing next to a poster of me." (laughter) Okay, I just have to ask this quick. How many people are here from my MySpace friends list?
(Swear to God, I'm the ONLY one who raises his hand in this room of 500 people.)
JENNA: (smiling) YES!! (points to me)
ME: (smiling) YEAH!! (points to her)

So, I had a special geek moment with Jenna Fischer today, even if she was 100 feet away from me. See, they section out the panel with the front 20 rows saved for people who paid an extra $20 on top of the $20 admission fee for good seats... and first dibs at autographs after the discussion. They took up people row by row to get autographs from the cast and crew.

After about two hours of waiting, my buddy Mike and I eventually got turned away with the rest of the schmos who didn't pay an extra $20 because the cast and crew had to get ready for the evening screening, I guess. Although they had pre-signed photos for those who were turned away, I still only went there to shake her hand and get a picture with her anyway. So THAT sucked. But I did send her a MySpace message telling her who "that one MySpace friend at Fangoria" was. I hope she writes me back! She seems like such a sweet and genuinely funny person. And her husband (Slither's writer/director) is hilarious! Just thought I'd share this with everyone!

March 9th: Repeat or New?

That's weird. says March 9th's episode is the repeat "Diversity Day", but the new Entertainment Weekly says that March 9th's episode is the new "Take Your Daughter To Work Day". I wonder which Day we'll get. Although I'd tend to trust the official network's site more than an entertainment magazine, I'm hoping the latter is correct.
Downton Abbey: Mary

icons from 2x17

[+] 71 lost - some general ones, some from the uk promo commercial, and a bunch from the last episode (2x15 maternity leave)
[+] 30 the office (us) - from the latest episode (2x17) - some animated
[=] 101 total

these shows rock.


(what's the difference between a salesman and a saleswoman? a vagina!)

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