March 26th, 2006


Could someone please repost tvguide's inFANity show on something other than sendspace? It never worked for me and I really want to see it. I would be eternally grateful!
Downton Abbey: Mary

The Office Icons (all animated!)

[+] 21 the office (us) - animated
[+] 12 lost - animated 2x14 "One of Them"
33 total

these are my first attempts at a batch of animated icons. i'll be sure to make more/better ones later! :D


(33 animated :D)

Obligatory Rules
this batch took me literally FOREVER! so plz listen :)
[+] i really love comments! it's kinda why i do this... 0:)
[+] plz download them and upload them to your own server-- i pay big $$ for mine :-\
[+] crediting floating_icons is v. nice
[+] you rock.