March 29th, 2006


Comedy Central has okayed production on 10 episodes of Halfway Home, a new improv series about parolee housemates. Among the ex-cons is The Office's Oscar Nunez, who'll play a male prostitute. The show is tentatively scheduled to debut in 2007. Did I really just write an item about a new comedy and not include a joke?

Mini-Segments Tomorrow (Thurs. March 30)

While watching Conan last night, I saw an ad for some clips featuring cast members of "The Office" in segments resembling NBC's "The More You Know," but funnier. They will be on tomorrow, Thursday March 30, I think throughout primetime (8-11PM?) Hopefully NBC will post them online, or if someone can compile them that'd be great!
The Office Pam

Two Things (and Happy Birthday, Michael Scott!)

1. I was so excited tonight when I walked into a campus computer lab and there was an OFFICE wallpaper on one of the computers! It was a wallpaper with a picture from the recent Puma shoot. Question: Where can I find this wallpaper online?

2. Have any icons been made yet from the aforementioned photo shoot? ;)