April 1st, 2006

Yet another crap office video

So I've been trying to get my stupid friend who won't give The Office a chance into the show by any means necessary. I figured she couldn't resist the cuteness of Jim and Pam so I decided to just compile a few of their key moments in a video. Nothing special, only took about 20 minutes to make (shows how lazy I am with my editing process...) it's mostly just dialogue.

The Story of Jim & Pam - music is Look After You by The Fray

I also put it on youtube, but it looks pretty crappy on that, so I just decided to link to the zip file above :)
P&R ; food of champions

Improper Bostonian photo.

Wayyyyyy back when the issue of Improper Bostonian with John Krasinski came out, I typed out the interview and promised scans of the beautiful picture of John from inside the magazine. However, my scanner pretty much died and I forgot all about it. But now it's working again! Now, I know it's been a few months, but I actually haven't seen any scans of this picture on the internet and I figured some people would want to see it still. If it's already been posted somewhere, I can just delete this with no problem. :D

Smaller Scan   |   Bigger Scan

Here's the original article for those of you who may have missed it!