April 5th, 2006

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i work retail but somtimes have meetings where we sit around a big table and as people were filtering in, i said to my boss:

me:"you got up dog yesterday?"
boss:"whats up dog?"
me: "not much whats up with you dog"
boss:...*pauses* ..."ahahah funny stuff"

yeah i didnt think it was gonan happen but it did!!!

office olympics

one of the many reasons i love this show is the office olympics. in my office we called it the office games we would take trash and turn it into sport.
there was trashketball, where a ball was made from tape and newspaper (with a penny inside for weight) and a rim from two paper plates, a backboard from cardboard, a net from fax paper and two pictures for inspiration.
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there was office baseball/ hockey/ golf, from the used up roll of paper from our giant printers, broken at the end and bent like a hockey stick. ah the best of times.

oh and i'm working on this at the moment, actually i'm working on all of the characters. :)

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