April 6th, 2006

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Okay, everyone. Top 3 (or 5 if you are indecisive) episodes.

I have two lists. One is based on hilarity. The other is based on overall amazingness (i.e.: ones that make me cry as much as they make me laugh.)

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Now your turn.
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Would anyone happen to know what episode is on tonight? I've heard that it's the Dundies, but TV Guide says that it's NEXT week...TV Guide has gotton scheduling for the Office wrong before though, so The Dundies might actually be on tonight...oh well, I'll tape it anyway...

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Hollywood <3's Jim!

Here's an Entertainment Weekly interview with John Krasinski, talking about his roles in four upcoming movies:

Office Star John Krasinski on His New Movie Roles

I'm especially excited for the new Christopher Guest movie, even if John only has a small part. It's so cool that he gets to be in a film by one of his favorite directors! And Christopher Guest is just awesome anyway.

Looks like have a few movies to add to my must-see list!


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this morning i was in the car going to school and i was listening to some morning radio sport thing and the guys on the show were talking about money & the economy and such. then one of the guys said, "oh maybe later we should check the stocks for dundler mifflin" and the other guy started saying something like "what??" (i guess he doesn't watch the show)
so yeah i thought it was pretty neat to hear something about the office being mentioned :)