May 2nd, 2006

JAM - unbelievably fluffy PSST, psst

watching the vday episode, thought of some discussion starterrrrrrsss.

sorry if this has been posted before, but did anyone else notice that chip from whose line is it anyway? was in the vday episode? hell yeah.

another question: does anybody else think the temp is a complete dick?
edit: it seems that this question made a couple of people not so happy. maybe "complete dick" is a tad strong, i'll kick that down a notch to "kind of a jerk sometimes", because i'm not trying to troll or get flames here. nothing but peace and love.

my favorite quote from this episode is when dwight is telling pam that the nameless girlfriend isn't the type you'd think would like valentine's day because she's "tightly wound?" pam interjects. when dwight says "exactly" i want to jump out of my skin it's so creepy. who else wants an icon for that?

i think the craig guy is absolutely horrible.

also, i want an icon of dwight's soliloquy on women being wolves. ahahahhahahhaa.... "my wolf deserves alot of lovin'"
dwight and angela are really strangely perfect for one another.

now. discuss!

Upcoming Interviews

+ John Krasinski
- This Thursday May 4
- Interview on radio WZPL Z99.5 in Indianapolis
Streamed live on internet at, "Click to Listen Live" at the top right
- Morning show is between 5-10AM EST, so I'm guessing he'd be on around 9-10AM EST (6-7AM PST) [Angela was on 6:50 AM PST/9:50 AM EST]


+ Jenna Fischer
- Thurs. May 11 12:30 AM (meaning Wed. May 10 late night)
- Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson