May 5th, 2006

OFFICE Lampshade


Is anyone else totally annoyed that because WE supersized The Office, Earl was automatically supersized too? I mean, we wanted an hour. Not more Earl. Mer.
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Dwight's Questions

Hi everyone!

I'm making a montage video... thingama...bobber... thing.... (anyhoo!) for a friend of mine, and I'm trying to find all of Dwight's "Questions" such as "Question: Is there firewood on the island?"

Does anyone know of any of them? Otherwise I'm going through episode by episode. Woooo :)

the office - dwight and pencils


my roommate got really pouty on me last night because i stonewalled him from telling me ANYTHING about the new episode. but he's the type if you let him get on a roll, he will tell you the entire episode of a tv show, and ruin every single possible joke because he just can't tell jokes. in addition to the fact that he's not as familiar with the show as i am, and can't remember everyone's name, so half of the re-telling is "you know, that guy who's kind of young, but not?"
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pirate, ninja

This is not Kelly Kapoor Story Hour... but it is.

What does Kelly do here, anyway?

I don't think we really know what a lot of people do at Dunder Mifflin. Dwight and Jim are salesmen, Pam's the receptionist, Michael's the boss and Toby's the HR rep. I think we know that Kevin, Angela and Oscar are in charge of accounts. But I'm not sure if other people's jobs have been described on the show. Anyway, the one that bothers me is Kelly. According to this map of the office she's way back in the corner with Toby. So does she work for Head Office too? Is she Toby's assistant? Or is that just where there was room for her? It seems strange that she's back there. Just wondering if anyone else has been paying more attention to detail than I have (likely) and can tell me what Kelly does.