May 13th, 2006

not again


Thanks to this community and its icons and wallpapers, I believe I've now seen the climax of the finale a hundred million billion times in 24 hours.

I love you guys. :)

And kudos to anyone who has missed the finale and STILL managed to not be spoiled.
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True Blood

Video Clips?

Hey guys, I've been lurking for awhile but I finally decided to join and post in here.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a website where you can download clips from the show? I edit videos (mostly for the show Lost) and I really want to make a Jim/Pam video. I don't really want to download full episodes because I think my computer will hate me for it. So does anyone know if there's any fan sites or anything out there that has downloadable clips?

And if you don't know of any clips sites does anyone have Collapse ) to download? I want to make some animated icons out of it (and of course I will share). :)

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(no subject)

Hey guys,

Gertie has accepted my application to make a John Krasinski fansite @ If anyone is interested, i'd love a co-mod. I'm waiting for it to all get set up. Someone with .PHP, FTP and the basic experience would be required as I don't have time to teach someone everything!

Woot. Excited. Let me know.

OFFICE Lampshade

Upcoming Episodes:

8:30pm 2006-05-25

THE AX IS ABOUT TO FALL -- Michael (Steve Carell, "The 40-Year Old Virgin") is forced by corporate to fire someone, putting a damper on the Halloween festivities at Dunder-Mifflin. Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer and B.J. Novak also star. TV-14

9:30pm 2006-05-25

DAVID KOCHNER GUEST STARS AS MICHAEL’S BFF -- Steve Carell (the summer box office hit "The 40-Year-Old Virgin") continues in his hilarious role as politically incorrect office manager, Michael Scott, king of the inappropriate e-mail forward, who hits a new low when his obnoxious best friend, sales rep Todd Packer (guest star David Koechner, "Anchorman," "The 40-Year-Old Virgin"), drops by for a visit. Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, B.J. Novak and Rainn Wilson also star. TV-14 DL

So I guess there's an hour of Office next week?
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(no subject)

Alright, this is probably ridiculously early to be asking this, but...

Anybody have an idea as to when the season 2 DVD will come out? Or around what time?
(Seriously hoping it's within the next five hours.)

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Okay I was watching the finale again and I caught on to something I thought was interesting that Michael said. I don't think I've seen anyone mention it yet, but there have been so many posts that I may have missed it, and if that is the case, please accept my apologies!
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