May 15th, 2006

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please explain some of Darrels saying he shared with Michael
specifically: fleece it out and dink n flicka
i dont watch mtv or any other pop culture cable related bullshit so im clueless..


Edited 5/27 - Added more to the wallpaper section!

Hello! So, I'm usually a lurker in communities, but over the past few days I've found myself coming out of my shell. Hopefully this post is okay.
Anyway, I've been playing around with making icons and wallpapers and thought I'd maybe try and share them. I've posted a few throughout comments, but I've finally put a few together in my journal. I'm getting better as I go along. 

Wallpapers <-More added!
-2 Ryan
-4 Dwight
-1 Creed
-1 Pam, 
-1 Jim/Pam
-1 Phyllis
-1 Jim

83 Icons
- 30 Casino Night, 53 Random

Comments are wonderful and credit is nice :) Enjoy!

The Office/John Krasinski picspam

Alright, well, I have decided to do a picspam, mainly John Krasinski cuz he's absolutely fabulous.

You can find all of the images here at my photobucket if thats easier for you. I figure photobucket would be userfriendly for those who have dial up, because this post is obviously not dial up friendly. There's over 70 images.

Some caps are from the finale

Collapse )