May 16th, 2006

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i'm avoiding finals stuff, and yo soy mucho (I am very) bored, so I was wondering which episodes (not counting the last 5 minutes of casino night) are people's favorites and why. After having watched it a ton of times lately, I'm going with the dundies. Jenna plays drunk like a bad ass, plus there's a little bit o' jim/pam action for the ladies.

Also, has anyone heard anything about what she actually wrote on the bathroom wall in that episode?

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Being considerate of newbies...

Poll #730039 The last 5 minutes

Should there be an adjustment to the "one week" rule that people use an LJ-cut when posting about the last 5 minutes of Season 2 until Season 3 begins so as not to spoil the last 5 minutes of Season 2 for people that get hooked during the repeats?


As always, comments/suggestions are welcome.

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P.S. Now that you’ve read this, do you want to change your answer?

Edit: I’ve edited the userinfo page to warn newbies, rather than make it difficult for the 900 members of this community to talk about things. Thanks for everyone’s feedback :)

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customizing text and graphics for the community...

I can't help but wonder if Michael Scott knew where the purse girl used to work...

I changed the style for the community to s2 because it would only show the last 20 tags under s1. So for tags such as Icons, it would only show 20 under s1. There was no way you could see all 60+. Now you can that I’ve changed it to s2. That only goes up to the last tagged 100 entries though...

So, now that it's changed to s2, there are a few other things that can be changed. The names of the comment links. Instead of "Post comments", I was hoping someone would like to suggest something more creative...

Also, instead of "Earlier/Later" at the bottom... and you can also rename the words used for "archive/friends/userinfo".

Any ideas? :)

I was thinking of maybe buying some paid time and doing an all out customization, but keeping in line with Dunder Mifflin, it should probably be kept simple like this.

If any of you talented graphics people would like to create a header for the community, I'd credit you on the userinfo page...

I think that's it for the day. Have a nice evening everyone :)

P.S. I set the GEOUrl (as seen on the userinfo page) to the address of Poor Richard's Pub. hehe