May 20th, 2006

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All of the moments we might have missed...

Tonight I finally finished tagging all of the 1010 entries of this community and came across the following post from last year.

It almost made me cry. I’m so thankful for the success of “The 40 Year Old Virgin.”

P.S. I updated this yesterday :)

Also... I was watching “The Fire” and I noticed that it looks like the price tag is still on the bottom of Michael’s “World’s Best Boss” mug. You’d think that after it was washed a few times, the tag would’ve come off. He should probably take care of that before he catches that count choculitis that’s been running around...
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(video) jenna interview / dale earnhardt, jr. loves “the office”

Jenna Fischer (3 minute interview from May 10th)

As seen here :)

Q&A with Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
by Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer
May 20, 2006

Scott Fowler: You can only watch one hour of TV per week. What would you use it on?

Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: “The Office,” the American version. That's the greatest show on television. I love it. I hope Steve Carell understands how good “The Office” is. I don't believe he knows. It reminds me a lot of “Seinfeld” and “Friends.” Every character has great quirks. You can't wait for each of them to start talking.
That's what she said.

John in PaperMag

Since several people have asked where my John icon pic is from, I thought I'd share this article from PaperMag back from April 4th. John was named part of their Beautiful People 2006. I might just have to agree ;)

P.S. - Question (haha, I just had a Dwight moment writing that). I know you, prince, have been tagging all of our entries. I tried to tag this one "John Krasinski" to help you out, but it wouldn't let me. Would you like us general members to do that, too? Are we supposed to now? I'm never sure how to do these things. Thanks!
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Hello fellow Dunder-Mifflinites!

I'm new here, and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the Office theme song as a ringtone. If you have any idea, it would be a lot of help. Thanks! :)

Season 3 Guests & Storylines

We've had this discussion on this community before, buuuut as I'm watching 'The Fight' I figured I'd start a convo to help kill some time. Who would you like to see play guest roles in Season 3?

I'd love to see Michael, Jim, & Dwight goto some sort of Paper sales convention in NYC and meet David Brent, Gareth, and perhaps Tim. Have them hang out at the convention and then go out to a bar and just see them do nutty things. I think I'd die of laughter if something like that happened. The interactions between Michael and David, Dwight and Gareth would be incredible.

I'd like to see Will Ferrell play a small role, perhaps the manager of another branch. I think he's a great comedian and he already has chemistry with Steve Carrell so that would be pretty awesome.

Annnd, I wish they would give Will Arnett a recurring role, because he's a freakin genius.

What do you guys think?