May 24th, 2006



Does anyone have a cap of Creed & Ryan standing next to each other?? Or Stanley & Ryan? I need a "younger" office worker and an "older" office worker.

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TV Guide mention

On page 26 of the May 29th issue of TV Guide on the newsstands there is an article with Pam interviewed briefly. In the article, they interview some of the casts of a lot of shows with cliffhangers. It doesn’t spoil anything about next season but it does talk about the finale.

Since it’s been over a week, I decided to share with y’all.

Were Pam and Jim really ready for that big kiss in the Office finale?

Jenna Fischer (Pam) says: We discovered the plot when we first read the script aloud at the table reading. When we got to the part when Jim told Pam he was in love with her, I screamed out “What?!” I vacillated between being an actress and reading Pam’s words and the viewer reacting to it. John Krasinski [who plays Jim] and I had been arguing vehemently with the writers about whether they should kiss in the final episode. We had been arguing against it, in theory. We thought it was too early. But when we saw Steve Carell’s script it was so perfect. We immediately got on board. I heard they were going to have us kiss, but the confessional completely took me by surprise. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. Pam may come back next season married to Roy. But if Pam was going to do nothing, I don’t know if she would have called her mother and say she kissed another guy.
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The Office Timeline

A previous point made me think about this. The Office is suppose to be a 'mockumentary' of a paper office in Scranton, right? Well technically, every week they tape is shown on the network as the previous week, or something, right? For example, the Christmas episode was a week before Christmas as the Valentine's episode was just right after V-day.

So my question is this: When the new season of The Office starts we will already be in September meaning Pam/Roy would have gotten married (June 10th!!!), will they show us a flashback episode? Or perhaos the Webisodes will cover it? I mean, is the first scene of the new season going to be of Jan showing us her wedding ring? Or perhaps a note from Jim that he and Pam have ran away?

I feel like since we're not watching any episodes the office itself will be closed until the next season, but as we all know a real business doesn't work that way. ;) What are your thoughts?
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Office Friending Meme?

I've seen a bunch of these done for other fandoms, and I don't think i've seen one of these done for The Office, not recently at least.

We all know how these work right? You just fill out the profile thingy and post it in a comment, then you can go through all the other profiles that have been posted to see if there is someone you might like to add to your friends list, and leave them a comment!

Well, it's going to be a LONG summer, and who doesn't love making new friends??

A little bit about yourself:
Fave Episode:
Fave Character:
Fave Pairing:
Fave Quote:
Other fandoms:
Other ships:

All questions are optional, so only fill in what you're comfortable with!

Remember, PIMP it!

oh and feel free to shoot me if this is absurdly against the rules or something.
Love Birds

Fan Awards at Eonline

I'm so thinking Pam and Jim for best kiss!

"From jonaie: When are Tater Tops coming?

Our annual fan-driven award show is going to be here very soon, so please take a moment and email me your nominees for this year, based on last year's categories (Breakout Star Female, Breakout Star Male, Best New Show, Worst New Show, Moment That Made You Want to Throw Out Your TV, Best Fight, Best Chemistry, Best Bitch, Best Baddie, Best Love Triangle, Favorite Funnyguy, Favorite Funnylady, Biggest Shocker, Best Kiss, Biggest Tearjerker, Biggest Disappointment, Best Guest Star, Best Show of Skin, Star You'll Miss the Most, Show You'll Miss the Most, Show You Look Forward to the Most, Favorite Drama Mama, Favorite Drama King, Best Drama, Best Comedy) and any new category you feel is worthy. This is important stuff that is actually really appreciated by the show runners and actors, so take a moment, okay? You can email your nominees to"