May 25th, 2006

vm moxie

mention of Dwight via Veronica Mars via Chicago Tribune

Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune posted an interview with Veronica Mars's Michael Muhney last week. In the interview, Muhney talks about how he wants to invite Dwight Schrute to Neptune, to be Assistant Sheriff (not just assistant to the sheriff). Scroll to the bottom for the Dwight stuff: "He can be the Tonto of Neptune any time. He takes the job of being a deputy seriously. That’s what we need in Neptune."

And in case you haven't seen it, Ryan wrote a piece about Jim/Pam, as well: 'The Office' as a classic love story? Believe it

Little details...

I'm hoping I'm not the only one who gets little bolts of lightning thoughts out of no where about our little show...I am? Okay then.

Here are the points in various episodes I was thinking of when I came up with this question:

1) The call Pam makes to her mom right before the kiss (Casino Night)
2) Jim was trying to make his one big sale for the year (Diversity Day)
3) pretty much any episode where Jim is on the phone with someone doing sales calls (Various Eps)
4) Michael's phone calles with Jan and Realty Sales Lady (Casino Night)
5) Jim listening to Pam's 7 messages at the end of the day (can't think of episode)

I also took note that these are all phone calls that are not on speaker phone as compared to Dwight's call to Jan in "Health Care".

Okay. So my question is, why is it only some voices are heard but others are not? Why was it we could hear Pam'smessages and Jan and RSL's voices w/Michael, but not Pam's mom's voice or the people Jim was trying to solicit to?

At first I though it was because -- well, you can hear Pam and Jan's voices because they're DM employees. So it would make sense that they're subject to the documentarian's camera/microphones ... but that doesn't explain why we were allowed to hear the RSL's voice with Michael in "Casino Night".

I just realized that the RSL and Jan were both on speaker phone in "Casino Night". maybe my employee involvement theory is correct?

Thoughts? Anyone?

NBC's moves

For those of you who were wondering what happened with the NBC schedule, reports the moves:
NBC held a Thursday-afternoon conference call to discuss its fall schedule, which has been revised, in part, to avoid pitting Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip against CSI and Grey's Anatomy (which ABC slid into the Thursdays-at-9 slot after the Peacock had already unveiled its own lineup). The official word from NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly: Studio 60 is moving to Mondays at 10, bumping Medium to a mid-season return; Tuesday will feature Law & Order: Criminal Intent and SVU back-to-back, starting at 9, an adjustment NBC made after seeing that Fox didn't move House; Wednesday now starts off with the 20 Good Years-30 Rock combo, followed by The Biggest Loser and Kidnapped; the Thursday-at-9 problem is being solved with Deal or No Deal, a show with "a lot of momentum," says Reilly; and Fridays will now kick off with Crossing Jordan — that's right, no wait for mid-season — and close with Law & Order, which, Reilly says, will be invigorated by "multiple cast changes."