May 26th, 2006


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hey everyone!

I just saw X-Men 3 last night at midnight and one of the previews before the movie started was My Super Ex-Girlfriend, which, as many of you know Rainn costars with Luke Wilson!!  It doesn't look very good, but I'm seeing it anyway because of him...SOOO FUNNY!! (and, in this movie, Rainn looks EXTREMELY good looking...) I tried looking for the trailer online but couldn't find it...Oh well, I guess you guys are just going to have to see X3...hehehe.
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"Sense" (Jam fanfic) Chapter Two is Up!

Chapter 2 of Sense (titled "Taste") is now up at! Contains the infamous KISS of Casino Night. Do check it out and leave feedback:

Title: Sense Chapter 2 (Taste)
Pairing/Character: Jim/Pam
Word Count: 1503
Rating: T
Summary: Jim internal monologue (and beyond) from Casino Night - this chapter leads up to the kiss.
Spoilers: Up to Casino Night.
Warnings: Occasional profanity.
Author's Notes: Should be second of five-part story.

Chapter 1 ("Sound") is here for those that missed it:

Office Theory

I have a theory about fans of The Office, feel free to agree or disagree... but this just might blow your mind.

GUYS who are fans of The Office all want to be and hope that they are a "Jim", the cool/funny/sexy guy. But we're actually more like pretty much anyone other male character in The Office. I myself think I'm a Jim but know that I'm more of a Michael thanks to recent events at my werkplace.

GALS (and I only use the term "Gals" because it goes so well with "Guys") who are fans of The Office are all "Pam", but they wish they weren't. They hope that they would be smart/intuitive enough to know when they're in a bad situation and do something about it, but also know that when in a situation like that there is no EASY sollution. They wish they could be any of the other women on the show because it looks so easy to be them instead of a Pam.