May 27th, 2006

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Season 3 Wishlist

So what are YOUR hopes and dreams for Season 3??

No season 3 spoilers please (if there are any!?).

Warning: The comments of this thread will most likely contain spoilers up until the end of season 2, so if you haven't watched it've been warned!
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(no subject)

Whats your favorite Dwight moment?
I think its all agreed, Dwight is hilarious.
So, write your favorite Dwight moment/quote. :]
Or, anyother favorite quote off the show from someone else. :]

Mine is:
Michael? Michael, Michael, Michael. Come here, come here, come here. Listen up everyone! It is the 11:23 exactly. The exact moment when you emerged from your mother’s vaginal canal.

Lucy Pevensie!

(no subject)

I have a screencap question! I need a particular cap from 'Sexual Harrassment', but I can't cap at all. Even a big batch would be nice, maybe I could find it in there.

I want a cap of Jim when he looked up at the camera after Roy walks in, Pam's mom goes 'there he is!' Jim is walking to his desk all upset, and for a second he looks up at the camera. Like, half his head is cut out and it's blurry, but I want it so bad.

So if you have it, I'd love to get it!! Thank you!