May 29th, 2006

Screencap question

I'm in the process of making my 100 "The Office" icons, and I was wondering if anyone had some screencaps of the Booze Cruise episode, any and all. I was really looking for some Jim/Pam ones, but I'd also like some from the announcement of the engagement, and Jim talking to Michael.

I looked in the memories, through the tags, and at cap_it, and couldn't find any from that particular episode.

Lucy Pevensie!

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For those of you who didn't know, John Krasinski camioed in the movie 'Doogal'. Well, I just watched this movie, and I'll tell you now that probably reading this is enough, and you don't have to go rent it.

I rented it just for John, and he probably had a maximum of 7 lines. He was the CandyMan, and a skeleton. I was excited, but it's not worth watching the whole thing just for his lines.

But they made a joke mentioning something about HR. Heh.
Lucy Pevensie!

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I have a question that I most likely won't get an answer to but,

Does anybody here have or know of an Office roleplay community that needs a Jim? The kind that uses AIM and all that fancy stuff. I don't really care where it is, but I have a Jim screename that's never been used and I want to play Jim, somewhere.

So if you know about any of that, please shout.
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Question. At the end of "The Dundees" episode when Jim is taking Pam to the car, Pam wanted to ask Jim a question but then she realised there were cameras so she decided against asking. Any speculation on what the question was?

*I hope there wasnt a post on this already, but the episode came out a long while ago and I didnt know how far back to look.

**Thanks for everyone here helping me cope with my current obsession with The Office :) You guys rock
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New? John Krasinski Video

I'm not sure if this is new or not but I've never seen it, and I'm a diehard J. Kras fan so there's a chance some of you might have missed this as well.

This is a video of John Krasinski and a friend behind the scenes of the movie "Jarhead". It's a day in the life of "day players". This is definitely before "The Office" took off, and it's really great to see John.

I've posted the video on my site BUT here is the direct link the video on youtube (click here to watch)

P.S. Since we are sharing office gossip, can I just say how sweet and adorable Jenna Fischer is? Check out this note that I got from her the other day, and yes, I have already framed it.

Shout out to Prince for keeping this community going...I love it!!!
LoVe momentary thing

(no subject)

Did anyone happen to catch (and by catch, I mean digitally capture and be ready to post links for all the rest of your beloved Office maniacs) the inFANity episode about The Office?  It was on the TV Guide channel... I only caught the last few minutes or so before it ended, but according to the actual TV Guide channel, inFANity runs for an hour or so.

...please?  Pretty please?  I'm sure it's hilarious, and I'm kicking myself that I missed it.
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