June 3rd, 2006

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Favorite double takes?

Two of my favorites:
    1. (“Office Olympics”) After Michael’s real estate agent says that the neighborhood is “gay friendly,” Dwight says “Let’s go check out the master bedroom.”

    2. (“The Carpet”) After Creed asks “Somebody making soup?”
Both are followed with great double takes by Steve Carell. Do you have any favorites?

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I actually found this originally in an Underworld community, but went to the main page and was surprised to discover The Office as well. Customize your Google start page with The Office!

And while I'm posting, I just wanted to say that I am really impressed with this community and the people in it. I have been involved in some really wanky fandoms where all people do is snark at each other, and I'm so glad that that isn't the case here. Everyone is so respectful and we're all so giddy with love for The Office that we're just happy to be here. I'm really enjoying this fandom and the great people involved in it. Thanks for making it so special.

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Okay, I know I've seen this specific icon somewhere on this community but I am having no luck with the tags and browsing past entries. I'm looking for an icon from the episode Valentine's Day where Ryan says "I hooked up with her on February 13th" and messes up his hair. Can someone please point me to it?

SPEAKING OF WHICH - please tell me someone else in this community besides me is totally in love with Ryan? And I mean like, above Jim kind. Anyone?


Hello, children.

I've looked through cap_it and anywhere else I could think of on the internet, but I cannot find any caps of Steve Carell dancing from "Booze Cruise." I simply must make a "Sometimes you have to be the boss... of dance" icon. Can anybody hook me up with some screencaps of that scene? Thanks!
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