June 5th, 2006

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[+] 20 the office - Michael's Birthday
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[+] 5 hayden christensen
[+] 12 arrested development - colorful quote icons

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I had some office moments this weekend to share. =)

I was walking out of O'Charleys the other day and I saw this woman and guy standing by a car. She had her hair in a very Pam-ish way, and he didn't really look like Jim except he was tall and had his hands in his pockets. They were both in smocks, so I guessed they worked there.

The guy looked really shy and was talking to her as she was opening the car door. They were laughing and I coulding help but thinking JIM AND PAM!

Then, I went to ConCarolinas in Charlotte this weekend, and my friend Cherlyn Lamberth was there. I've known her forever...she always wears the coolest costumes. I think she made Mel Gibson's boots in The Patriot too. I was talking to her and she said that she's doing costumes for Evan Almighty! Which, if you don't know stars Steve Carell. =) She told me that she saw him, but has not talked to him, which is weird, since you'd think that a costumes person would have to be there for fittings and stuff. She also told me they've built a full sized ark on the set and it's huge.

I'm so envious.
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I was at Venice Beach today and I saw this shirt at one of the stores. The also had a blue one that said "Dunder Mifflin paper company" but I thought this one was better. Unfortunatly all the had was a medium in Guy sizes and usually I wear a youth large, but it is totally worth it. Even if it is big! The post is cut only because of the picture size.

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QUESTION: Are there any dial-up users here who have purchased an episode of The Office from iTunes? How long did it take to download? I want to buy a couple, but I'm afraid I will have to leave the internet up for several hours for it to download! It takes almost a half hour to download a song from iTunes, just to give you an idea. Any experiences with this? Thank you very much!