June 6th, 2006

jim/pam woot

late night ramblings

i'm really bored tonight, which has inspired me to post all these random questions that i've got.

i'm an aussie, so a lot of the references to american culture go over my head. so a few things i've always wondered:

1) what is miracle whip?
2) what's an awesome blossom? i didn't get the best look at it when i saw the client.

i guess i could of googled those, but it's more fun this way.

moving on.

so who doesn't get sick of analysing casino night? NOT ME!!

i know there has been a lot of debate about whether or not Pam or Jim noticed that the cameras were filming them during the confession and the kiss, i don't think they did notice, but that's kinda beside the point of where i'm going with this. the thing that positively BOGGLES my mind, is how the cameras managed to get such great audio. in both scenes the cameras were a fair distance away, and i've never seen any references to mic packs like they had in the UK version. i remember that tim unplugged his when he confessed his feelings to dawn, so you didn't hear that conversation at all, which kinda had me worried that we'd never actually hear jim or pam confess anything to each other. but we did, which i'm very thankful for, i'm glad they didn't take that path. but still, wtg camera guy, awesome job.

so yea, i've always wondered about that. and i know, it's just one of those things that we're just not supposed to think about, that it just IS. hehe. this is what hiatus does to me.

it occured to me the other day too, that this isn't a show that has a "soundtrack" like many other shows do. huge huge HUGE kudos to everyone involved in putting those two wonderful scenes together, and to jenna and john, who built such wonderful tension without the need to create the mood with a soundtrack.
arrested development: omg lol

we're gonna play a little something for the ladies...

Yes, I do need to get a life. It's true. But while we're waiting for me to do that, here's more icons! :)
There are a bunch of animated ones and also stills--caps from "The Dundies", "Email Surveilance" and "Casino Night".
Thanks for all your comments on the last batch <3 <3 <3

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