June 7th, 2006


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I watched Lollilove today on pay-per-view (which for those of you who do not know is the mockumentary that Jenna directed and stars in with her husband James Gunn). It was really cute and I thought that Jenna did an awesome job. Anyone else seen it? If you haven't you should!
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Season two deleted scenes on NBC.com: Booze Cruise & Email Surveillance.

I thought people might like to know that there are currently season two deleted scenes up on the NBC website. There are five from "Booze Cruise" (including a hilarious scene of Angela staring down Darryl, and Creed rocking out on the guitar and telling a little more about his past), and four from "Email Surveillance" (including Michael trying even more pathetically to get an invite to Jim's party).

If you're like me and thought you'd seen every second of footage out there, this is very exciting!
confused - DoND - O RLY?

Um... Outtakes?

OK, I'm confused.

I've only (with the exception of Casino Night and Conflict Resolution) watched The Office from iTunes. Bought all the episodes, etc, etc.

I was watching the Outtakes on the NBC.com page, but those outtakes are in the episodes I downloaded. Is that intentional or am I missing something?