June 12th, 2006

Chapter 5 of "Sense" (Jam fanfic) is Up!

Title: Sense Chapter 5: Feel
turbulentsaint or proudgirl at ff.net
Pairing/Character: Jim and Pam
Word Count: 3825 for Chapter 5
Rating: M
Summary: Jim's internal monologue following events of Chapter 4 (will provide links to other chapters here).
Spoilers: Up to Casino Night, speculation beyond.

Please do read and review (I worked very hard on this last chapter and would LOVE to hear what you guys think), and remember to read the "Author's Note." I may consider doing a sixth chapter depending on feedback for the fifth. 

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Chapters 1-4 for those who missed them (all lj links, not ff.net links):

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Ari Graynor

Favorite Prank

So, I'm super bored at work and was just thinking of all the great pranks Jim has played on Dwight. I picked a favorite and I wanted to know everyone elses. Mine is Dwight hitting himself in the face with his phone because Jim had put weights in it and then took it out. Ok, that made no sense but if you know the prank, its pretty hilarous, mainly because Dwight says Jim made him do it and yet it doesn't seem like something Jim could actually make happen. So favorite prank and why?