June 16th, 2006


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Hey guys, where can I download windows Movie maker? I want to make an office movie. I have the old version on my comp, but it doesn't let me mute certain clips while music plays at the same time. I'm looking for the newer version... help?


Pictures from License to Wed filming

Hello, children. Today I headed over to where they were filming a scene for License to Wed in Los Angeles. The street was closed off to traffic so I parked a block or two away and walked over. I talked to a couple people around the outside of the set who said I could watch from the other side of the street.

When I first got there they were setting up for the shot - getting lighting readings with the stand-ins, etc. I did see Robin Williams come out of the building a time or two but no John Krasinski. After about a half hour of waiting, I was about to leave when one of the crew members (maybe the director?) yelled, "Let's get John out here" or something of the kind. Anyway, I got all excited and got my camera ready. He came out talking on his cell phone, and I was all a-squee to be able to see him, even if it was only from across the street. Let me tell you, he is a tall handsome drink of water (as if there were any doubt). Anyway, Robin was already outside and Mandy Moore came out shortly after, and they all got in a driver's ed car to shoot the scene.

Here are a few pictures I took... unfortunately, John was walking around a lot so I couldn't get any of him straight on, but here you go. There are five pictures in all, which also include Robin Williams and/or Mandy Moore.

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Q&A with John Krasinski (TRANSCRIPT)

As many of you probably know, today there was an online Q&A with John Krasinski. John had technical difficulties and didn't make it into the chat BUT his publicist was on the phone with him and typed in all his responses for him...so it was like he was there.

The Q&A was GREAT, and there was a lot of Office goodies.

TANSTER from OfficeTally.com was kind enough to transcribe the often chaotic chat. You guys have NO IDEA how hard this was to transcribe so please make sure to head over to her site and thank her.

For a full transcript of the Q&A head over to OfficeTally.com or GiveMeMyRemote.com
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I was watching the Arrested Development season 2 and I found out that Brian Baumgartner (Kevin) and Craig Robinson (Darryl) are in it. It made me very excited because I love it when my fandoms collide, has this happened to anyone else?
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