June 20th, 2006

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new jim/pam community

I think this is allowed but if it isn't, I'm sorry. Just delete and ignore me. I opened a new Jim & Pam community called mixedberries and I hope that any J/P fans will sign up and share fic, icons, art, vids, and general discussion about the couple. It just opened yesterday so not much is happening yet but I'm working on making it as chock full of Jam as I can.



Question. I know I've seen people talk about an iTunes playlist of songs recommended by characters from The Office. I browsed through Celebrity Playlists but couldn't find it there. Am I missing it, or can someone tell me where to find it? Thanks!
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Hello! How are all of you lovely people doing today?
Well, Mr. B.J. Novak had a show up at Yuk Yuk's in Vancouver B.C. this past Saturday. So I decided to take a little road trip up to see him. He was the middle comedian and he had about a 20 minute set which was great. It's always fun to see people live. This was my little fix for the long summer w/o 'The Office'. 
Anyway, I'm extremely snap happy and I love taking pictures. So I thought I'd share. There are a few under the cut, and the rest are in my journal. Enjoy!!

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it's the new tango


As I was wandering round the net I came across this youtube account that has 9 fake public service announcements that The Office cast did. Thought you'd enjoy them, the Kelly&Ryan one is especially hilarious :D.

I'm new by the way, so... Hi! *waves*