June 22nd, 2006


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i had a really strange dream about B.J. the other day.

i was sitting on a curb with a bunch of friends when i noticed B.J. was across the street. so i stood up and waved him over. he came running over, stopped in the middle of the street in front of a car and yelled something about rock & roll at the driver, then got to my side and started ranting about how eva longoria is a bitch.

so i guess in my sub-conscious, B.J. Novac is a drug-fueled crazy person.

has anyone else had weird Office dreams?
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I made the most ugly and stupid icons for a picture posted her from Jenna's MySpace, and I thought I'd share.
Only 4, thank goodness

If you want, of course, you can use them and feel free to edit in any fashion just comment.
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Any fellow Office fans live in the Fairfax, Virginia area? I was thinking about throwing a Season 2 DVD party when it comes out. Im not 100% sure that I'm doing it yet (Im moving and Im not sure what my living situation will be by the time the DVD comes out) but if anyone is interested just comment :)
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I don't think this has been posted yet

Hello all!  It's Thursday, and we all know what that means... it's Office night!  NBC will play two episodes of The Office sandwiched in between two episodes of My Name is Earl.  "Office Olympics" is on at 8:30 PM EST, and "Booze Cruise" is on at 9:30 PM EST.  Just wanted to let everybody know!
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So my dad talked my into watching House of 1000 Corpses tonight. To my surprise Rainn was in it! I was super excited about it. He was sooo cute in it, with his goofy glasses, and doof hair cut. It was awsome! Of course, he was the one to die first, and ugh, what a way to die. But in anycase, I thought I would share that. Here are some pictures....

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The Office mentioned on Family Guy

I was watching Family Guy last night on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) and I'm not sure which episode this was but they had this thing about Thomas Edison being a jerk neighbor who has electricity and he says something like this to his neighbor:

"You should go home and watch The Office. Oh wait I forgot, you don't have electricity!"

Not sure which Office (UK or US) they were implying but I thought that was cool because I was watching Jenna Fischer on Celebrity Poker just before that :)
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i just thought i'd tell u guys i saw rainn on E news talking about my super ex-girlfriend

i was kind of confused becasue he was dressed as a lifegaurd, but i did come near the end...

they also talked about some movie Mimzy a little

and he's going to be in the next entertainment weekly

just thought i'd let you guys know