June 24th, 2006


Jam video

Okay, so I love the song "Tell Her This" by Del Amitri... I originally heard it years ago when it was used on Scrubs, and it fit so perfectly there. But listening to it recently, I was struck by how freaking perfectly it sounds like Jim's inner monologue - there are SO many moments on this show where Jim and Pam look at each other, and you know there is so much that is left unsaid (especially, of course, during the "27 seconds of silence"). So anyway, enough exposition... here is my first attempt at a fanvid.

Tell Her

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Over The Hedge

I'm sure SOMEONE has brought this up by now, but I couldn't resist.

I FINALLY went to see 'Over The Hedge' today for my little brother's birthday party. Did anyone else crack up, like, way too much when Steve's character suggested they named the hedge 'Steve'? And we'd finally calmed down, but he yelled, "Steve ate Vern!" And it just started all over again.

My Dad and I did, but we looked like freaks, considering the rest of our group was 11-year olds who apparently don't watch The Office...

Oh, and there was a huge cardboard poster thingy for 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend'. Didn't feature Rainn, but it got me all excited.
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michael and toby

Hello! Been reading a week or so now, and just thought I'd raise a point I've been thinking about for a while now. Sorry if it's been mentioned before...

Does Michael dislike Toby so much because of his personality, of his position in HR, or because of his divorce? It's always the thing he attacks Toby with. I started thinking, perhaps he dislikes Toby so intently because he had a family that he subsequently lost, unlike Michael who has never had the chance to have children or a family, and therefore resents Toby for it.

I think the best example of this is in "Take Your Daughter To Work Day", 02x18. Carrell plays Michael so well in the scenes with Sasha, and his depression after watching himself as a child and realising he never achieved his goals is easily the saddest moment of the entire series.

Thoughts anyone?