July 1st, 2006

upong bundok

YouTube Contest

  1. Create a video that is exactly 20 seconds long. You may submit videos that were created before this announcement. Do not use any clips or photos from The Office or any music other than the theme song provided on this site. Click here for the complete video instructions and terms of submission.

  2. Once you’ve created your video, sign up/log in to youtube.com.

  3. After you’ve logged into YouTube, join The Office group.

  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to upload your video to the group.

  5. Then return here and accurately complete the online entry form in its entirety. Your video entry will not be accepted until you complete the entry process on this site completely, including your acceptance of the terms of the Official Rules.

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excuse me while I freak out

OH MY GOD. I just found out that my best friends boyfriend works with John Krasinskis mom in Boston. He said if I wanted any thing signed he could give it to Johns mom and she'll have John sign it. So yeah...I'm seriously freaking out and, for some reason, nervous. Never in a million zillion years did I think this was possible. I think I'm going to write a little note to him or something. So yeah.. me <---OMG

P.s. Apparently John stopped by where my friends boyfriend worked and he said he was nice. So yeah thats good to hear :)

p.s.s. Sorry, I dont know where his mom works (even if I did I dont think it would be appropriate to post it online). But I do know she is a nurse.
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