July 6th, 2006

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Look who's on the cover of Emmy Magazine...

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Here's a caption from the official website:

The Prime-Time Special

On the Cover

He plays with the kids, walks the dog, works like a demon and never complains. Could the star of NBC's The Office—and a slew of new movies—be Hollywood's new normal?
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Season 2 on DVD is now 35% off (with free shipping)

The Office Season Two is now 35% off (with free shipping) at Amazon. (It was previously only 30% off.)

For those of you that have already ordered it, Amazon usually will automatically drop the price to 35% off. If they haven’t, and you want to save that extra 5% off, you might want to give them a quick call. Just have your order number ready, and they’ll adjust it. If you didn’t select free shipping at the time of your order, they can adjust that too.

No, I don’t work for them, I just buy a lot of DVDs from them. Their toll free number is (800) 201-7575.

Enjoy :)
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Emmy Nominations Today! *nervous*

So the Emmy noms come out today and from what I'm reading The Office is a favorite. I'm really rooting for them and I'm even kind of nervous about it! I really want John Krasinski above all to at least get nominated. I mean it's only fair, he didn't even get a Dundie! I think it would do a lot for his career, and the more successful he is the more we get to see of him. :) Jenna and Rainn are the other two I'm rooting for and I think they definitely deserve some recognition for their performances as well. How awesome would it be if both Jenna and John won an Emmy! Jim and Pam triumphing together!

Is anyone else nervous about the nominations? Does anyone have any idea what time they are normally released? I expect that they'll be on ohnotheydidnt as soon as they come out, but I'd like to follow a more official source. I'm probably going to watch Drug Testing, Conflict Resolution, and Casino Night tonight so if the nominations come out during that time I'm sure there will be a commercial congratulating the cast.

Cross your fingers everyone!

EDIT: You can view the live webcast that is going on RIGHT NOW at The Emmy's Official Site.

EDIT2: The full list of nominations can be found here. The site is having problems loading at the moment as they're being slammed I'm sure. Thanks to killerysharky for providing the link!

Actually since the site is loading slowly I'll just put the nominations here.

Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series
The Office • Christmas Party
David Rogers

The Office • Booze Cruise
Dean Holland

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series
The Office
Steve Carell as Michael Scott

Outstanding Comedy Series
The Office

Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series
The Office • Christmas Party
Michael Schur
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FIC: O*F*F*I*C*E (canon pairings, PG)

Title: O*F*F*I*C*E
Author: annakovsky
Pairings: All canon pairings, especially Jim/Pam UST.
Rating: PG
Length: 4700 words
Summary: "I hope the war goes on forever and Ryan gets drafted."
AN: You know how apparently people say that Dwight/Angela is the new Frank Burns/Hot Lips Houlihan? Some of us are overly literally minded and, well, this is an Office M*A*S*H AU. Strangely, writing a show from the 2000s into a show from the 1970s about the 1950s means that accuracy to the Korean War is not really a priority, particularly when it comes to gender roles. If it starts to bother you, take a step back and remember that you're reading a fanfiction Office M*A*S*H AU, and you'll feel better. Uh, or worse.

( O*F*F*I*C*E )
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My mother and I are having a heated discussion about "Drug Testing." She believes it was Michael's joint in the parking lot, and the Alicia Keys concert is a cover so he won't get in trouble for smoking it in the workplace. I couldn't disagree more; Michael went to the concert and it was not his joint in the parking lot. (I promised her people would agree with me so please don't make a liar out of me. :)