July 7th, 2006

Downton Abbey: Mary

The Office & Arrested Development (some animated!)

Here are some animated icons, some not, from two of the funniest shows out there. There are two different animation styles-- one that focuses on the action and one that focuses on the quotes, plus all the regular icons.

I've spent a lot of time on the animated icons in this post, so if you like them, please let me know so I can make more if there is enough interest! :)

[32] the office - 7 animated!!
[28] arrested development - 7 animated!!
60 total


(Since you're soaked in alcohol...)

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OFFICE Lampshade

Casino Night!

So watching Casino Night for the 400 millionth time last night, I assumed that it would just be the same again. But a few things I did notice...

Michael makes this hilarious joke that I never noticed before.... when he's making the speech about Lady Fortune being the boss, and he says "Shuffle up and deal... let's get it started... Black Eyed... Crows." Hilarious.

Everything they cut out for time was the best parts. I know they had to. But it was stripped down to like... the bare plot. There was no Kobe Bryant jokes, no handicapped nurse jokes... etc. Sad.

Anyway. Haven't posted in a while. Getting antsy for the new season!!!!

Who else is going to see My Super Ex Girlfriend the day it comes out?
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Jim and Dwight: awwwww

Dwight Schrute Privates

I was just wondering if anyone knew where i could find a screencap of the deleted scene from Health Care where Jim is holding the Dwight Schrute Privates sign. I would love to have that picture. I appreciate any help i can get! Thanks!
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