July 15th, 2006

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Season 2 dvd menus!

Office Tally posted a link to the dvd menus of the season two dvds! They can be found here. (Spoilers for webisode titles)

I'm seriously freaking out right now! So many commentaries, so many deleted scenes! *drools* I am dissapointed to see that John isn't didn't do a commentary on "Casino Night". But oh well, I still can't wait!!!
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That's what she said.

blog updates

Feel free to delete this if it has already been posted - I can't remember! You all are too quick for me :)

Jenna Fischer updated her TVGuide.com blog on Thursday, and it's ridiculously long but an interesting description on how to "make it" as an actor.

Brian Baumgartner (Kevin) also updated his TVGuide blog, and he's got some hilarious threads in there about the webisodes. Check it out!

John website

Ok...first off, really sorry if this has been posted before or old news, but I just came across a new John webiste http://johnkrasinski.fan-sites.org/ fairly new, but still cool.

But the thing that I saw there that was so funny, he was in that Kodak commercial where the guy shaves off his friend's eyebrow, John's the friend at the end who had his hair shaved all crazy.

It perked up my boring day, so...yay.
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