July 17th, 2006


Rainn Wilson on TBS

I just saw Rainn Wilson featured in one of TBS's many "We Know Funny" ads. It's about "My Super-Ex Girlfriend". He's on a exercise bike working out and he calls TBS to find out if the plot of the film is funny. They tell him it's funny (I'm not sure I trust TBS--they told the Wayans Bros that "Little Man" was funny) but it was cool to catch the surprise appearance.

I checked the TBS website and it's even online! Check it out!
not like this


Announcing sitcomathon, probably the world's first sitcom ficathon!

Scrubs! M*A*S*H! Newsradio! The Office US! The Office UK! Arrested Development! Friends! Sports Night! And many more!

Jim and Pam and Dwight and Michael and Ryan and Angela and Toby etc etc etc.


Sign-ups close July 30, stories due October 31, more details here.

(Apologies to those seeing this a bunch. More sign-ups = more great fic for all!)