July 18th, 2006

onew 1

Rainn is an Alien

Well, i never knew of Rainn untill the office

I am sitting there in the living room watching TBS before work today and Galaxy Quest was on . And i have seen this movie a hundered times. but look what i found out that i didnt know before. . so when i saw this i yelled at my tv "OMG ITS DWIGHT !!!!"


Weirdest Dream EVER

Last night I had an Office dream! I think it's the first time I've ever had one for a TV show.

But, it was weird and somewhat terrifying. It was the season 3 premiere... and Pam was married. But not to Roy or Jim. But to Michael.

I don't remember the details but it was odd. LOL
That's what she said.

Rainn radio interview

My local Atlanta radio station interviewed Rainn this morning, and I woke up to hear the last 5 minutes of it. This link will take you to the audio archive, and his is the 2nd interview down. I heard him talk about My Super Ex-Girlfriend a bit, but Vikkie, the main DJ, seemed to be more interested in Office-talk. Check it out :) Oh! And here's a text summary of it all if the audio doesn't work.

(By the way, Vikkie normally isn't this dumb-sounding. I don't know what's wrong with her this morning.)