August 2nd, 2006

Ari Graynor

Dinken Flicka

OK, only you guys will appreciate this. I went to the movies last night with a friend. We saw John Tucker Must Die (not terrible, it had its moments) and during the previews, they showed a trailer for a, what looks to be a Black Beauty remake (sort of), about a girl and a wild mustang. So nothing really funny or unusual until the showed the title, Flicka. Thats right, both the movie and the horse are named Flicka. I laughed for about 10 minutes, as other, not particularly funny trailers were played. No one else thought it was funny.
I did not put your calculator in Jello.

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I don't know how many of my fellow Office fans are also crafty... but I just came across this posting on about doing an Office swap. A swap is where all interested parties are paired off and send thier partner a package with various crafty things that all go along a certain theme.

If any of you are interested, please go and sign up for Craftster so that you can participate. One of the requirements to participate in a swap is a minimum of 15 posts, which can be easily reached by commenting on other people's posts. Craftster is an amazing community of funky, crafty people... not midwestern housewives who sit at home and crossstich. If you are at all interested in any sort of crafty ventures, you should definitely check it out!
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I've been bored and obsessive lately...
so i wanted to talk about all things Dwangela.
Now I wanna think about how the relationship started and around when...
It was for sure going on at least by performance reviews (2x08), based upon two clues:
1)at the beginning of the ep when Dwight is using the excercise ball, he talks about how it makes for better sex and gives the knowing look
2) when talking about Jan and Michael, Angela says, "Office Romances are nobody business, but the ppl involved," or something like that...

But i was wondering how the two of them first got together... now i think it happened at the end of the client (2x07)...cuz when Dwight sees Jan come for her car after he spent the night in the office, Angela is just arriving at work and sees Jan, also. I believe at this moment Dwight and Angela "bonded" and slowly became a couple...
anyone else have any thoughts?

sorry I'm obsessed and bored...

"...the more we can encourage interracial dating as a society, the further away we get from incest."

Okay, everybody take a breather.

From Jenna's blog:

"I've heard a lot of rumors about plot twists for the new Season but this one might be my favorite. Diana from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada found it on an NBC message board:

'I just found out from a super secret source that works for CBS that the first episode of season three will be have a huge plot twist. The twist: Due to a mix-up at birth, Jim and Pam are siblings. That's right. They are biologically related.'

I obviously can't reveal what happens in Season 3, but this isn't 'Passions'. I feel it is safe to say that Pam and Jim are not siblings. And, you should know - NBC can be very sneaky about how it keeps plot points a secret. So, I wouldn't take rumors too seriously."

PHEW! Well, am I relieved. I'm not Diana, but the suspicion that Jim and Pam may actually be tongue kissing siblings was also weighing on my mind pretty heavily.

Let's all remember a quote spoken from the wise lips of Michael Gary Scott: "Incest is bad; racism is bad. ...the more we can encourage interracial dating as a society, the further away we get from incest. Literally."