August 5th, 2006

for those of you who work in office-type environments...

Do you ever find yourself comparing your co-workers (or yourself) to people from The Office? I work with a John, he's got a four-letter name and has identical hair to John, and they actually look pretty similar. He's tall, lanky, sweet and funny. And every girl there has a crush on him. And I, of course, would like to think of myself as a Pam, but really I'm probably more of a Ryan. Minus the part where he likes girls. The girl I sit next to is really Pam-like. Sweet, pretty in a kind of plain way, in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend and she wants to get married and it seems like he doesn't. And I also (unfortunately) have an Angela. Not so much physical characteristics (she's tall with dark hair) but she's really judgemental and has a superiority complex. And she freaks out if things don't go her way. I wish I had a Dwight, but I don't! So yeah, share stories of your Office-like co-workers if you have any!
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Agent Michael Scarn, you so funny.... Word.

Hi. My name is Kate, and I'm an officeaholic. (hi Kate)

The problem is, I never realized how big my problem was until about an hour ago, when I went to get my nails done. I was under the blacklighty fan thing and the nail parlor had Access Hollywood on or something similar and they had a little thing about the show coming back September 21st and the 2nd season DVD being released. I watched with great joy, even thought it was all information I was aware of for weeks.

They showed a clip from Sexual Harassment, more specifically, The clip where Jim says to Michael "Well, I know you've always left me satisfied and smiling."

to which I responded, loudly, in the middle of the nail parlor, "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!"

I got some pretty awkward stares after that. Whoops.
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little miss sunshine music

i'm looking for the song that plays during the little miss sunshine trailer (a few times, i think). it's playing at the end of this trailer when they come back to get olive at the gas station at the end. if anyone could help me out with the actual song or just the name of the song, that's be great. thanks.
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