August 8th, 2006

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Hello all!

This is my first post ever in an LJ community, so hey!!!

I have a little tid bit for ya'll. I was just watching "The Alliance" and when Jim and Pam are conspiring at the end, I noticed the "Teamwork" poster behind them. Then I got to thinking, "Hey, that poster fits so perfectly with Jim and Pam! I never noticed that before! Maybe those other cheesy posters do too." So I started looking around for the other ones and saw the one obove Ryan's desk that reads, "Commitment"! This made me think about him and Kelly and how she wants a committed relationship but he doesn't. It's like that poster is just taunting him, lol! Is this completely done on purpose? Because if it is, the prop crew is awesome! Have any of you noticed any other posters that fit perfectly like that?

Thanks for reading!
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I just won the bid on Jenna Fischer's Dress!

Here's the e-mail I just received:

"Dear Larry,

Congratulations on being the winning bidder of Jenna Fischer’s TCA dress from the Clothes Off Our Back Foundation’s recent JANE Magazine online charity auction. Your credit card will be charged this week and we will send you an e-mail with the item’s ship date and tracking number. Please reply with the address you would like the item shipped to. We appreciate your participation and support.

Thank you,
Clothes Off Our Back"

OK, it may not have Jenna in it, but this is the best I can do!
Actually it's for a worthy cause, and I can in some very small way, be a part of "The Office" history... sort of!

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In a follow-up to this post, today's TWoP Tubey Awards results are up. The Office won for "Best Relationship" for Pam and Jim (and JD and Turk of Scrubs were runners up, which makes me happy). The show was also a runner up in the following categories:

Best Sidekick - Dwight Schrute
Best Chemistry - Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski
Best Cast (the winner was Arrested Development, which I'll happily concede)

And according to these results, I apparently need to watch Veronica Mars, 'cause holy crap. That show is in almost every category!

More results throughout the week.
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Here's what I wrote:

"Hello again Jenna!

I just found out today that I won the bid for your dress in the Jane Magazine/Clothes Of Our Back Auction! My username was Aeolis.

I have already had requests from those who found out I won, to pose for a picture wearing the dress! Now there are a few issues I have with that...
1) I am a straight male, with no aspirations to become a transvestite.
2) I would never fit into a dress that tiny.
3) I think the fact that you are the sole wearer of the garment is what makes it special.
and finally...
4) I don't have the legs for it!

I am thrilled to have been able to participate, give money to a worthy cause, and own a little something from a favorite celebrity of mine.

They say they will also send me a copy of the magazine, as well as a picture of you in the dress. I would love to get the photo autographed if possible. Is there somewhere I could send it?

Can't wait for the upcoming season of The Office.

Much Love,