August 9th, 2006


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this isn't exactly office related, but i'm going to a promotional screening of Little Miss Sunshine tonight and was wondering how early i need to get to the theater.  i've noticed that other people in this community have posted about such screenings, so if you have attended one, how early did you get there/was it full at that time?

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What I Like About You

I'm in the middle of watching "What I like About You" on WB, and Jenna Fischer is playing the secretary of some smelly client of Val's. This is one of the few shows I've seen and BAM she's on! It was weird. So, if you're by a TV tune in.

(The Episode is titled "Copy That")

Edit: Okay, she never showed again, but she's on in the first half two times if this ever reruns again. According to IMDB, her character was "Kim."
you have won a tiny dundie

holy god

ok i was wondering if anyone has an icon of Pam from "Valentines Day" when the delivery guy walked in the door with Phyllis's big bear. I think she says "holy god".
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Stars - they're just like us!

Funny Office celebrity sighting someone sent in to

Saw "See You Next Tuesday" at the UCB Theater on Tuesday night (7-17-06); was sitting behind two of my fave actors from The Office: onscreen love interests and fellow scriptwriters BJ Novak (intern Ryan) and Mindy Kaling (clingy Indian girl Kelly). Life imitates art, I guess: Kelly was getting all 'handsy', and BJ demured, saying - I shit you not - "This is going to be all over Defamer, you know." He went on to do a pretty funny standup set later that night.

P.S. I don't think think I've ever seen more VM icons in one place than in my last post. ;)
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