August 17th, 2006

  • stacy9

NBC Primetime Preview videos!

Give Me My Remote

LIVE "Office" Chat TONIGHT!!!

I'm excited (and equally) nervous to share the news that starting TONIGHT I will be moderating a LIVE "Office" chat over at every Thursday. is a website that allows fans of particular show to come together and chat online with each other while watching their favorite show. I think this will be a lot of fun, and I hope you will join us. I've had a pretty good response so far. Click on the image below for ALL the info :) Thanks!!

  • bosban

Office Posters?

I'm desperately looking for a group picture of The Office cast members. They can either be in character or as themselves. I'm hoping for something 11x17 or bigger...big enough to hang on the wall in my classroom.

Any ideas where I can purchase this online or in a particular store?

the office
  • aeolis


Hey all,

I just received Jenna's Dress from the Jane/Clothes Of Our Back Auction.

I came to my work about 3:00 pm this afternoon (Thursday).
It also came with a letter of thanks from Jane Kaczmarek (yeah that's the mom from "Malcolm in the Middle!) and Bradley Whitford (Josh Lyman from the West Wing). Of course you may or may not know, they are married.

It also came with the Jenna-Semi-Nude issue of Jane Magazine!

Jenna made a quick update a couple of days ago, and mentioned the dress and the auction, but nothing about the dork who won the dress, (that would be me!).

Of course, she probably doesn't know who won, and she's a bit busy these days!

I'm sending out to her a custom "The Office" t-shirt that I designed, along with a 3 x 9 sign that is exactly in the same style as the one used in the opening credits, except instead of "Office" it says "Receptionist"! It even has a little figure at a desk with a phone on his/her ear!

I have a picture of her wearing the dress, and I am including that in the package, and will request her to sign it for me.

I will have pictures posted soon!