August 20th, 2006

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Did anyone ever notice that in Performance Reviews, when Jan goes outside to take a breather from Michael, and she says to the camera man something like "I know it's your job to ask, but if I'm not going to discuss it with him, I'm certainly not going to discuss it with you", beside her head is a sign that lists all the businesses in the building, and one of them is Vance Refrigeration. Then two episodes later, Bob Vance appears. Do you think he and Phyllis met in the elevator? hehheeh I love to speculate about these sorts of things.
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Office Promo

Obviously the promo for the new season is amazing. But I'm curious about the scene where Jim, Pam and Roy are in the break room and Roy says something to the effect of:

Roy: I'd totally tap that if I wasn't dating Pam.
Pam: We're not dating, we're engaged.

Where is that from? What episode? Was it a deleted scene? I'm so lost.
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So we've discussed what everyone's favourite/funniest scenes are, but what is your favourite sad scene? Or not sad per se, but the more meaningful/poignant/"depressing" scenes. They're not as cheerful, but they're just as well written and enjoyable, IMO. I have two favourites. My number one favourite is in Casino Night, where Jim's talking about why he talked to Jan about transferring and he says "I have no future here". It always makes me want to cry. And the other would be in Boys and Girls, where Pam's talking about how she wants a house with a terrace, and how she'll never get it because they don't make houses like that in Scranton and she starts crying.
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The new Emmy Preview issue of TV Guide features its own version of "Who Should Win." (Yay for TV Guide AND Entertainment Weekly feeling the Office love!)

Comedy Series: Personally, I'd love the underappreciated Scrubs to win. But The Office was the most improved comedy. It's the year's one slam dunk.

Lead Actor, Comedy: Make that two, with The Office's Steve Carell a shoo-in. Frankly, none of the nominees blew me away. I'd have preferred to see Scrubs' Zach Braff or Arrested Development's Jason Bateman nominated.
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Haahaha I watched the deleted scenes for the first season of The Office back in September. Today, I watched them again. Talk about hilarious.

It only makes me REALLY excited for the special features on the season 2 DVD. I love all the extra "interviews" packed in-- 20 minutes isn't long enough!! AHHHHH I'm going crazy with giddiness.

Okay, so, let me make a purpose to this entry besides my love rant. If you've seen the season 1 deleted scenes- which is your favorite?

I like any interview with Dwight- especially when he describes the perfect date. I also love when Jim puts "Dwight" on Dwight's head during Diversity Day and Pam is trying not to laugh.... also when Michael asks Ryan if he can borrow some music (to impress Katy) and Ryan starts listing off fake bands. Michael says he likes them, too, and Ryan's like "I thought you would..."