August 21st, 2006

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I love all these "favourite scenes" posts! So I have a new one! What is your favourite line/monologue?

I love "They don't call them collard people" and "I never really thought about death until Princess Diana died. That was the saddest funeral ever. Well, that and my sister's".

Suave little temp

I know most everyone knows that BJ Novak was on Punk'd and that he did that long drivers ed one with Hilary Duff. But I went on youtube, looking for his other punk'd appearances, and the one with Mya is pretty funny. He also punk'd Usher- it isn't that great, but it's pretty funny when BJ does this rapping type thing.
BJ is a guy who has paid thousands in a bidding war to get a date with Mya. He takes her to visit his shrine.
Rapping with Usher.

edit** Also, here's a comedy bit with BJ explaining why heaven isn't for everybody.